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RML Labs Good Faith Agreement

The Good Faith Payment Plan - Is it for you?

RML Labs offers an enticing way for everyone to jump into the world of SAWStudio, without the concern of paying the full software price up front! With the SAWStudio Good Faith Agreement, you are eligible to purchase SAWStudio or SAWStudioLite for as little as $200 down and only $100 per month - INTEREST FREE - until your software is paid in full. (Not applicable for SAWStudioBasic or other RML Labs products.)

What is the Good Faith Agreement?

Simply put - RML Labs will not require you to complete a credit application, provide credit references or bank account information - only a simple agreement/order form which must be signed and faxed to us. Then with your credit card down-payment of $200 or more, you'll receive full download access to your chosen *SAWStudio software the same day! How easy is that!

*This offer available only for the purchase of SAWStudio or SAWStudioLite, and can not be used for the purchase of other RML Labs products or with any VIP Discount Code.

How to receive your SAWStudio software TODAY!

  1. Download the Good Faith Agreement below.

  2. Print, carefully read, and complete the agreement and order information.

  3. Be sure the agreement is signed and includes complete credit card information, then fax to RML Labs at 702-257-1902.

  4. Wait for email confirmation which will be within 24 hours (but usually much faster) of receipt of your agreement.

  5. Go to the Registered User Download Area and use the download instructions included with your email confirmation to access and download SAWStudio!


Included with your Good Faith Agreement is:

  • 24-hour download access

  • Automated maintenance-free payment processing. Most major credit cards accepted.

Download the SAWStudio Good Faith Agreement.
(Right-click and choose "Save target as..." to save to your computer, or left-click to open .pdf and print from within your browser.)

1 SAWStudio Good Faith Agreement

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