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Studio Levelizer

Current Release Notes
Version: 3.7
Nov 26, 2011


Bug Fixes

*   Fixed code to stop possible crashes when patching the plugin live in a SAC Host while the plugin is displaying active meters on a SAC remote.

*   Fixed code to detect multiple remotes displaying the plugin and to not interfere with their meter display when shutting down one instance on one remote.

Current Release Notes
Version: 3.6
April 01, 2010


*   Added a new option to the Options menu called Clear Preferences, which clears the preference file and resets the plugin to its default behavior.

Bug Fixes:

*   Fixed code to stop the About window dialog from blocking network remote/host packets in SAC which could cause complete system lockups.

*   Fixed code to properly clear plugin variables when an instance was removed in SAC when the engine was live and to reset the removed plugin without stomping on variables which other instances of the plugin still needed. This should stop potential crashes and lockups that could occur on remote SAC links.

*   Fixed code to properly initialize meters on plugins patched from a Remote SAC system and properly display on the remotes without regard to whether the plugin was ever opened on the host.

*   Fixed code to properly initialize meters on SAC Remotes when switching hot channels or switching from one instance to the next by any means available.

*   Fixed code to keep the processing thread from blocking while recalling presets or parameters from the host to the remote in SAC.

*   Fixed code to stop host paramset corruption when canceling a load preset operation on a remote.

Current Release Notes
Version: 3.5
Jan 19, 2010


*   Enhanced Key setting can now be altered live during playback in SAC 2.4 or higher and key channels will switch in realtime.

Bug Fixes:

*   Fixed code to properly Save and Restore all plugin settings from remotes regardless of where and how the settings are altered.

Current Release Notes
Version: 3.4
Jan 02, 2010


*   Enhanced code to allow SAC remotes to control the plugin controls and receive remote meter data.

Bug Fixes: