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Current Release Notes
Version: 1.8
April 11, 2015


*   Added a new menu item to the Track Properties popup menu called Pre-Allocate Record Buffer. This option can be used to pre-allocate a large record buffer on a midi track to help overall system performance and stability for live linked recordings with SAC. This eliminates the constant need to increase record buffer sizes live during the record process as more space is needed. The constant resizing can put a strain on the system as memory is constantly being allocated and re-allocated. The number of max entries for the play buffer and record buffer are now displayed in the lower right corner of the track label. The play buffer size is normally displayed and the record buffer size displays when the track is armed for record.


Bug Fixes:

*   When SAWStudio was in Realtime Priority mode, certain system configurations could cause the left or right click (as opposed to hold) feature for certain command functions to fail. This code fixes that issue.

*   Fixed code to stop screen display corruption while dragging notes in Live Mode.

*   Fixed code to allow very large midi files to import properly without crashing.

*   Fixed code changes to help eliminate stuck notes which could happen under certain conditions while recording.

*   Fixed code to properly trigger armed midi record from the SAWStudio Remote Record transport when REC is pressed by itself without SRP.

Current Release Notes
Version: 1.7
July 16, 2009


*   Patch Changes in the Library View are now allowed during Rec/Rdy Mode, to facilitate the live monitoring enhancements in the newer SAWStudio versions.

*   Step Draw can now be toggled on and off by pressing the D-Key.

*   Step Draw mode now creates undo files for each note added.

*   Step Draw mode now allows you to delete a note by Right-Clicking on the note, without the need to exit Step Draw mode.

*   When adjusting the speed of the auto step advance in Step Rec mode, pressing Ctrl and clicking the minus zone of the Step Rec switch sets the speed back to zero for single note auto advance operation.

*   Importing and Blending Midi Files now auto scale and center the midi data on each track so all midi notes are visible.

*   Blending Midi Files now responds to the starting cursor position and offsets data from there. If the starting cursor position is past the end of the current data, then new tempo data is included in the blend, otherwise tempo data is ignored.

*   Enhanced cursor lock and positioning between SAWStudio and MWS during Live Mode. Requires SAWStudio 4.7 or higher or SAWStudioBasic 2.1 or higher.

*   Enhanced the Controller Display chase to operate in Live Mode.

*   A new option has been added to the popup Time Signature menu called Set New Time Signature Entry Within Range. This option allows you to mark a range of measures ( do so with the grid ON) and change the time signature for that range without disturbing the rest of the composition outside the range. All measure numbers and tempo and time signature changes will remain the same for following existing data. Midi data will be pushed or pulled into proper alignment. If the change adds beats to the existing range area, the beats will be added at the end of the range leaving original data intact. If the change deletes beats from the existing range area, the data will be deleted from the end of the range. Most likely data transitions at the end of the range will have to be re-composed, but all existing data outside the range will remain intact.

*   A new enhancement has been added that will automatically fix stuck notes that are missing Note-Off data. If you see a note stretching across a track with no off position, you can click on it, as if to select it as the active note and it will sense and correct the missing Note-Off data by cutting the note duration to the current Grid Note value.

*   A new option has been added to the Options Menu called Global Midi-In Chan Filter. This option allows you to filter all incoming midi data down to a specific midi chan if desired. If set to a single chan, all incoming data not on that chan will be discarded. This can be helpful with certain midi keyboard controllers that send multi-chan midi data at the same time causing possible stuck notes and missing Note-Off data. This setting can be saved in the preferences.

Bug Fixes:

*   Fixed the Major / Minor Scale color display option.

*   Fixed code that could damage time signature changes in measures that already contained tempo changes.

*   Fixed code to trap mouse-click control adjustments from crashing looped playback under certain conditions.

*   Fixed code to trap for crashes caused by dragging the mouse with the left button down into the top client area of the MT while in Step Rec mode.

*   Fixed code to properly set note length when holding a note during the Auto Step Rec Advance mode, when the advance speed is set to single note advance.

*   Fixed code to correct for different tick resolutions when blending midi files.

*   Fixed code to trap and correct for illegal tick resolutions when importing midi files.

*   Fixed code for more accurate midi file export and import of tempos.

*   Fixed code to trap and correct for illegal tempo and time signature entries when importing midi files.