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SAWStudio (Full And Lite)

Current Release Notes
Version: 5.6

Oct 01, 2016


*   Opening Mix Template Files will now respond to selected Mixer Chans and only overlay those chans with the new template data.

*   All window views are now "Border Padding" aware for better Win 7, 8 and 10 compatibility.

*   Re-compiled the helpfile into the newer html help .chm format. This allows for better searching and indexing as well as allows the helpfile to open correctly in Win 7 and 8 and 10.

*   Added code to keep Helpfile ontop and keep from loading multiple instances.

*   When the SACLink is active, playback in the Soundfile View will now warn if SF Samplerate is different than SAC instead of play at the incorrect speed.

*   Added code modifications for better Win 8 and 10 compatibility.

Bug Fixes

*   Fixed code to avoid crash when Record is activated thru the SACLink and no active record meters are set in SAWStudio.

*   Fixed code to properly control Midi Control Surface STOP, PLAY and REC lites on the MCUPro thru SACLink.

*   Fixed code for the Blend Session function to only affect mix data for blended tracks with active entries. All other chan mix data is untouched.

Current Release Notes
Version: 5.5

July 13, 2015


*   Added SACLink Record Bus functionality. When the SACLink is now active with a SAC Host of Version 4.0 or greater, the SAC record chan list offers an extra 8 record bus channels. These will process data from SAC Out Assigned Record bus links. Each of the SAC Master Outs and Aux Master Outs on all mixers can now be assigned to the Record Buses as well as Device Outs. This allows you to direct outputs for record as well as inputs. These assignments must be made manually. They will not automatically import with the Import SAC Mix Data function.

*   Added SACLink midi ctrl template transport functions. Now the Mackie and Icon midi templates can send stop, play and record messages to SAWStudio thru the SACLink.

Bug Fixes

Current Release Notes
Version: 5.4

May 15, 2015


*   Enhanced the code to help recognize more wav file formats that could not be opened previously.

*   Added Smpte Format 60 Non-Drop and 59.94 Non-Drop to the Smpte Format Menu. These options can be used on the timeline with the Video Viewer but can not be generated, triggered or chased.

Video Track Viewer Version 3.7

*   Added code to recognize Smpte Format 60 Non-Drop and 59.94 Non-Drop.

Bug Fixes

*   Fixed code that could cause record meter latency on slave machines recording in SRP mode with a host that includes an active Midi Workshop session.

*   Fixed code to stop SRP playback across a marked area from muting armed record track data when Record is not actively engaged and one of the Tape Style Monitoring modes is active.

Current Release Notes
Version: 5.3

Feb 06, 2015


*   Modified code to allow closer to sample accurate host/slave recording start and end points when using SRP and punching in and out before stopping. This allows the host and slave sessions to be blended with close to sample accuracy of both sets of files. This, of course, depends on using a word-clock sync between machines or a common master clock feeding both machines. Some slight adjustment between files from both machines may still be required once the session is blended.

*   Modified code to extend VST Plugin compatibility to the 2.4 version changes which should help with newer plugin compatibility issues. Not all new options are yet supported but this should allow many newer plugins to be used that otherwise would not load.

Bug Fixes

*   Added .aif and .aiff files to the qualifier field when browsing for a missing file location.

Current Release Notes
Version: 5.2

July 14, 2014


*   Modified the wav file header routine to handle newer format wav files with extended header chunks. This will now open some wav files that would not open before.

*   Included new MotorMix Midi Controller Template that adds the Next and Last switches to jump console sections.

*   Enhanced Show Control Playback mode to recognize Control Track Stop commands within a Show Control entry and allow the next Show Control playback toggle to continue playback within the same entry instead of forcing a new start over of Show Control entry playback. If the entry selection has been changed then the next playback will load and start the new entry from the beginning as normal.

*   Added a new feature to the Show Control playback. During playback in Show Control Mode you may now use the Shift Right-Click or Shift SpaceBar or Shift-Return to force an automatic fadeout of the current session entry and an immediate jump to the next entry which will then continue, wait or preload according to the current entry’s setting. You may also activate this feature by Right-Clicking in the Show Control Light. The light will flash during the duration of the automatic fade.

*   Added a new option to the Show Control Options menu to set the default fade time. This value is saved with the current Show Control File and is reset each time a new Show Control File is opened.

*   Added a new feature and menu item to the MultiTrack menu called Shift MT Center To Quarter Position. This option will shift all automatic centering operations within the multitrack to the left first quarter position instead. This offers more editing room to the right of the newly positioned cursor when using the zoom and other functions that would normally automatically center the cursor position. This option saves with the preferences.

Video Track Viewer Version 3.6

*   Added code to recognize a few newer HD video format FourCC codes.


Bug Fixes

*   Fixed code that corrects the FBCenter XYPan adjustment for tracks greater than 1. This previously only worked correctly on track 1.

*   Fixed code to properly update the Show Control listbox on Remotes when a new entry is loaded on the host and sitting in Wait or Preload mode.

*   Fixed Code to properly import the track re-order data from SAC without duplicating return and output data on SAWStudio Full.

*   Fixed Code to further correct stretching automation entries and keeping any entries that are exactly on the marked end boundary from moving off the end boundary.

*   Adjusted code to help window views draw correctly under different conditions when switching between apps using various methods. This should help keep views from disappearing off the screen and ontop windows correctly ordered.

*   Fixed code in the midi controller 14 bit resolution conversion routines which result in much more accuracy and smoothness of hi resolution fader controllers like the Behringer BCF and Mackie MCU controllers. All Hi-Res templates have been adjusted. Make sure to test and adjust any custom templates you may have created.

*   Fixed code that allows modal message dialog boxes to respond correctly to pen and touch commands in Windows 8.

*   Fixed code to stop the MultiTrack Cursor from disappearing in close zooms in Windows 8.

Eq Plugin Version 3.3

*   Fixed code that traps max/min crashes when adjusting controls in Win 8 with a pen or touch. Forces you to be close to the knob when grabbing a control with a pen or touch so the value does not jump far to the current cursor position.

Echo Plugin Version 3.3

*   Fixed code that traps max/min crashes when adjusting controls in Win 8 with a pen or touch. Forces you to be close to the knob when grabbing a control with a pen or touch so the value does not jump far to the current cursor position.

Current Release Notes
Version: 5.1

Nov 10, 2011


*   A new option has been added to the File Menu called Open SoundFile And Fix Header. This option can be used to fix a corrupted wav file header that was caused by a crash during a recording which then never had a chance to finish updating the header data when the recording was finished. This generally results in wav files with a zero data length value in the header which will not open correctly later. This option will calculate the data length based on the file length and the header length and write in the corrected values. A new peak data file will then be created.

*   The Zoom Mixer has been fully integrated into the SAWStudioLite version. Add it into your F-Key views and enjoy the extra power of multiple E-Mixer modules.

Bug Fixes

*   Fixed code to adjust the VSTTimeInfo play flag to allow the Melodyne plugin to respond correctly to BuildMix operations.

*   Fixed code to properly read Temp group names from Mix Template Files.

Current Release Notes
Version: 5.0

July 26, 2011


*   Enhanced the track count to 120 tracks (Full) and 48 tracks (Lite). When loading existing edls, the extra tracks will be found at the end after the last output track. Reset the track order or move the new tracks into position at the end of the input tracks if desired, then re-save the session.

*   Enhanced the recording capabilities to extend up to 80 (Full) and 40 (Lite) record tracks when using the SACLink. Each record meter can handle mono or stereo signals from SAC.

*   Cleaner display switching between SAC and SAWStudio.

*   The Full Mixer labels now display in upper and lower case rather than being forced to all upper case characters.

*   Added a new option to the Options Menu called TCP/IP Slave To Host Disable Warning Messages. This option blocks any warning message dialogs from being sent from TCP/IP Slaves to the Host when active. This then allows a single slave machine to have trouble loading a session without stopping the host and other slaves from continuing on in a Show Control setup while waiting for a message dialog reply. This option saves with the preferences.

*   Added code to allow midi control processing for VST Plugins that support it and are not classified as VST Synths.

*   A new menu keyboard link has been added to the Main Menu to allow a keyboard switch to SAC thru the SACLink with a press of the Alt-Key and then the L-Key.

*   The TCP/IP Options have been gathered under a sub-menu called TCP/IP Options on the Options menu.

*   The Wide Mixer View in the Full Version can now be sized and vertically scrolled to fit onto smaller netbook size screen resolutions.

*   When the program is started for the first time or after the default F-key file has been cleared, F-Keys will now be automatically generated to fit the screen resolution. You can save these as the default F-Keys, or use them as a starting template to be modified and then saved as your own. I recommend you look at each one and consider using them as a guide to creating useful ones of your own.

*   A new enhancement has been added to the Extract Session feature which will prompt you to automatically move the extracted session start position to zero on the TimeLine. If you answer Yes, the entire session will be slipped forward to the zero TimeLine position before it is saved. Use this option if you have no reason to keep the session start position offset within the master session TimeLine.

Eq Plugin Version 3.2

*   Added a new option to the Options menu called Clear Preferences, which clears the preference file and resets the plugin to its default behavior.

Echo Plugin Version 3.2

*   Added a new option to the Options menu called Clear Preferences, which clears the preference file and resets the plugin to its default behavior.

Bug Fixes

*   Fixed code to allow the SACLink to work correctly with SACRemote.

*   Fixed code to center the MT cursor position in SAWStudio when switching from SAC.

*   Modified code to eliminate Windows memory management issues when repeatedly opening and closing sessions, such as when using the Show Control View. Memory no longer gets fragmented easily which helps eliminate memory allocation errors when new sessions open.

*   Fixed code to properly sync a slave connection activated while the host is sitting idle in a preload waiting condition.

*   Modified code to handle higher performance Counter Frequencies that are now starting to appear on the newer i5 and i7 motherboards. All Performance Counter math is now handled completely in 64 bit math variables. This assures the accuracy of the CPU load percentage readout on these newer faster motherboards.

*   Fixed code to properly handle and display the 4 decimal place value for VariSpeed.

*   Fixed code to trap for false value jumps on popup fader activation by accident when mouse-click release is held long enough to release just as the popup fader is beginning to display.

*   Fixed code to trap for possible divide by zero errors in the fader display scaling routines.

*   Fixed code to trap for the X key softedge function on Return and Output tracks.

*   Fixed code to toggle the VSTTimeInfo play flag correctly with the engine status.

*   Fixed code to eliminate meter and monitor delay on SF record with any input device higher than device 1.

*   Fixed code to softclip and avoid wrap-around on recording when using the input level adjust and pushing the signal to clipping.

*   Fixed code to properly chase Peak Limit meter display in SoundFile View as the cursor is manually swept through the file.

*   Fixed code to jump cursor position to the end of the track after a Library add selections to HotTrack operation.

*   Fixed code to properly display mono L/R input source settings when recalling stored chan data from the popup Store/Recall menu functions.

*   Fixed code to properly jump the HotChan when using the Ctrl-Left-Arrow and Ctr-Right-Arrow commands in the Full and Zoom Mixers.

*   Fixed code to properly update the DirX and VST window views after a shade change.

*   Fixed code to lock automation entries on the end boundary when stretching or shrinking an automation marked area.

*   Fixed code to allow Midi Control Templates that include a Master Fader to properly follow re-ordered Out channels and stay locked to Out Chan 1.

Eq Plugin Version 3.2

*   Fixed code to stabilize patching the plugin from SAC remotes and scene changes. Also made changes to keep the processing thread from being blocked during preset and paramset loads.

*   Fixed code to stop host paramset corruption when canceling a load preset operation on a remote.

Echo Plugin Version 3.2

*   Fixed code to stabilize patching the plugin from SAC remotes and scene changes. Also made changes to keep the processing thread from being blocked during preset and paramset loads.

*   Fixed code to stop host paramset corruption when canceling a load preset operation on a remote.

Video Track Viewer Version 3.5

*   Fixed code to save the Keep Original Video Aspect On Extended Monitor option with the video preferences.

Current Release Notes
Version: 4.9a

Jan 31, 2010


*   Enhanced code to better resolve network file paths to avoid missing file error messages on SAWStudio remotes when first connecting or opening files.

*   Enhanced code to allow drive substitution on slaves when opening files from host. If the slave does not have a  matching drive as the host, the drive letter will be substituted from the default session path in the path setup dialog.

*   Enhanced the MultiTrack Slide Entry Data function (Shift-Right-Drag) to respond to number-selected tracks for multiple track editing operation. You can cancel the group editing temporarily for this function by using the Alt-Key along with the Shift-Right-Drag to perform the operation.

*   The current Shade name in use, if any, is now displayed in the Shades/Open menu option.

Eq Plugin Version 3.1

*   Enhanced code pertaining to SAC.

Echo Plugin Version 3.1

*   Enhanced code pertaining to SAC.

Bug Fixes

*   Fixed code when using the Fx Bypass switch with multiple channels selected to only update the switch bypass condition on channels with patched plugins.

*   Changed code to help with activating another application on the first click when switching from SAWStudio.

*   Fixed code to extract region name, instead of filename, as the base name for new regions created by Alt-Left-Clicking a marked MT Entry and dropping a new entry on the MT.

*   Fixed code in the message dialog windows which could have chopped titlebar message text short under certain conditions.

Echo Plugin Version 3.1

*   Fixed code to properly dissolve FeedBack delays as they near -infinity db.

Current Release Notes
Version: 4.9

Sept 04, 2009


*   Enhanced the SACLink protocol to pass necessary information between SAC and SAWStudio to allow for record loopback latency compensation and an overall more accurate record sync alignment during overdub recording using the SACLink.

*   Added a new TCP/IP mode called Activate TCP/IP Video Slave Mode to the Options Menu. This option allows you to use a slave machine specifically as a video slave only, meaning no audio is being played from its engine. The video viewer playback sync is locked to the host machine network position, not the local soundcard playback position. Therefore this machine does not require any special word clock or other clock sync connection to keep host and slave accurately synced for the video playback. Normally a slave machine plays its own soundcard outputs and handles its own internal positioning, depending on some sort of hardware clock sync between the host and slave soundcards to keep from drifting.

*   Added TCP/IP control of the AutoRewind Switch for Remotes.

*   Added a new option to the Host Mode TCP/IP functions that allows you to now see a list of all Remote and Slave computers currently connected. Left-Clicking in the main titlebar Host/Master zone when you have active connections will display a list of each computer connection and the computer names.

Video Track Viewer Version 3.4

*   Added two new options on the popup Options Menu called Render RealTime To Extended Monitor and Keep Original Video Aspect On Extended Monitor. These options emulate the Hardware Overlay Render features on video cards that do not support the second monitor full-screen video playback options. These options will output a full-screen display on a secondary extended monitor. The display is scaled using hi-speed software manipulation to replace the missing overlay output capabilities. This now allows you to create very inexpensive video slave machines using small NetBook computers or laptops, as long as they have a dual monitor video output, which most currently do. You can then run them as TCP/IP remotes or video slaves for perfect video sync, feeding video projectors in shows using separate video streams.

Bug Fixes

*   The SAC Link Import Mix Data From SAC option now correctly ignores the Input Att, Swap LR, Phase Rvs and Mono Switch.

*   Modified code to trap for TCP/IP packet splitting of long command string data that could cause corruption in the command execution under certain conditions.

*   Modified code for loading VST Presets and forcing a screen update of the new settings for certain plugins that would not update properly on their own.

*   Modified code to force a MT Cursor redraw when switching back from other applications.

Eq Plugin Version 2.8

*   Fixed code to properly initialize all parameters when loading presets while the engine is live.

*   Code modified to stabilize sending and receiving parameter set data for preset saves and loads while the processing engine is live.

Echo Plugin Version 2.9

*   Fixed code to properly initialize all parameters when loading presets while the engine is live.

*   Code modified to stabilize sending and receiving parameter set data for preset saves and loads while the processing engine is live.